Leadership development through coaching

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, our list of coaching clients continues to grow. Simply put, organizations cannot afford to have their leaders make key mistakes.

Coaching has always been an excellent opportunity for leaders when it comes to gaining insight around performance development and building success in the workplace. The added stress on leaders over the last year to do more with less, has led even more organizations to seek out New Quest Coaching & Consulting for a variety of customized coaching services.

New Quest Coaching & Consulting Deliverables

  • Leadership coaching to all levels of leadership that is aligned with bottom-line measurables.
  • Leadership skills in strategy, communication, decision-making, speaking and more.

Leadership Results

  • Overcoming leadership liabilities and fulfilling potential for great leadership.
  • Reducing turnover, cultivating teamwork and inspiring peak performance from their people.
  • Charting a decisive career path that is both fulfilling and sustainable.
  • Fully realizing their professional and personal goals.
  • Helping balance work, family and personal time – excelling in all areas.
  • Increasing engagement of their people.
  • Succession planning – creating a culture to support a multi-generational workforce.

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, our clients are many and varied and include: business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, fellow coaches and consultants, leaders, managers, board members, executives and teams.

96% of employers rate their coaching programs as being effective – Conference Board of Canada