Consulting Services

Through our expert consultation process, New Quest Coaching & Consulting assists organizations in developing outstanding, personalized and sustainable human resource and organizational development strategies that provide a sense of ownership for those involved in the implementation.

New Quest Coaching & Consulting propels organizations to create extraordinary, collaborative team performances in a changing business environment by:

  • Working with the leadership team, strategically and collectively, to realize vision and goal achievement.
  • Developing tactical action plans to close the gaps and eliminate the barriers for achieving individual, team or organizational goals.
  • Introducing compelling human resource strategies.
  • Assessing or diagnosing group or team issues and facilitating new and existing team development.
  • Providing strategic planning support, facilitation and retreats.
  • Managing or creating an employee engagement survey program¬†and ensuring the development and implementation of all aspects related to the survey; including collection of data, communication of results and action plan.
  • Supporting performance change objectives, which ensure the alignment of company vision, mission, values, success factors, culture and strategies; and which includes the design and development of structures and human resource programs.