Team Building

Experience-Based Outdoor Team Building

Our commitment to our clients’ desire to build high functioning teams has lead us to collaborate with Azami Sports and begin offering team building in an incredible outdoor setting.

While we will continue to offer indoor team building to our clients, we are proud to be working with Azami Sports to also offer experiential outdoor-based team building.

Our outdoor team building activities are designed for any group size and comfort level with our goal to customize the experience as much as possible to meet our client’s objectives. Our focus is always to create a safe and fun event that is designed to get participants to step outside of their comfort zone and work with their fellow team members to successfully overcome the challenges and obstacles that we set up for them.

Just like our popular indoor team building workshops, participants will work with certified facilitators to ensure just the right mix of fun and enjoyment combined with powerful learning moments that can be used as soon as the team returns to the workplace.

The results of outdoor team building with New Quest Coaching & Consulting:

  • Fun, safe and active ways to learn more about your fellow team members.
  • Chances to develop greater trust, leading to greater productivity and reduced conflict.
  • Improving communication skills between team members.
  • Discovering the unique or hidden strengths that exist on the team and how they can be used to further improve performance.
  • Building individual and team confidence to be able to overcome any challenge.

To request more information about our outdoor team building events please Contact Us.

To learn more about our Azami Sports and their beautiful venue for team building events please see their website.