Michael Lenz, CEC, PCC


Michael Lenz is a professional certified coach, trainer and facilitator with over 25 years of experience. During his tenure he has developed and implemented relationship management processes, designed curriculum, and delivered communication skills training. The focus of Michael’s facilitation includes, but is not limited to strategic planning, executive and managerial coaching, customer loyalty, change management, leadership development and team development.

Michael’s passion is the automotive industry where he has acquired his vast knowledge of dealership processes at both the retail level, with several large import and domestic dealerships and at the wholesale level, through direct employment with a major import manufacturer.

His aptitude of the automotive industry, combined with his insight of the consumer, has resulted in strong dealer relationships across Canada. He has successfully trained in sales, management and fixed operations in over 650 dealers across Canada. In the last decade, Michael has delivered over 7000 hours of offsite training workshops to thousands of corporate and automotive participants.

Michael has a strong focus on driving performance and improving profitability for all of our clients, all the while advocating a mission to deliver the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.