Training and Development Programs

Organizations that invest more in training not only increase profits and productivity, but see increases in customer satisfaction and employee morale.

New Quest Coaching & Consulting’s training and development workshops teach participants a wide variety of skills to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing workplace.

Our workshops and seminars can help your organization by:

  • Building high functioning teams.
  • Improving overall customer service and satisfaction.
  • Reducing conflict in your workplace.
  • Attracting, retaining and engaging top talent.
  • Developing individual accountability.
  • Improving business productivity.
  • Improving the attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and expectations of your leaders.

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, we are committed to developing valuable training content that inspires and engages participants. We are also committed to ensuring that the skills developed in the workshops will transfer seamlessly back into the workplace, positively impacting your organization’s bottom-line.

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, we take pride in our client relationships. We are a different type of consulting company that is committed to our clients’ unique needs and to providing them with customized training solutions.

Some of our most popular training seminars and workshops:

  • Frontline Supervisor Training
  • How to Create Behaviour Change in Your Employees
  • Worksafe BC Bully and Harassment Training
  • Creating a Culture of Coaching
  • Respectful Workplace Training
  • Cultural Training and Diversity Awareness
  • From Conflict to High Engagement
  • Communication for Leaders
  • Understanding the Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Building Great Teams

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something specific or if you are interested in working with us to develop your own training and development workshops.

Contact us to learn more about New Quest Coaching & Consulting’s training and development workshops.