Executive Training Kelowna

Executive Training Kelowna

In this changing world, the only path for companies to survive is to change as well. The way of doing business today requires constant evolution to succeed. This evolution not only has to do with the products and services offered by the company, since the quality of the company's human capital is as much, or more important.

To positively impact the personal and professional lives of their executives, companies should seriously consider continuous training programs. One of the most successful strategies is executive training.

What is Executive Training?

It is a methodology that seeks to achieve the highest performance of executives and directors of companies. Through training, you will develop the full potential of individuals, so that they acquire habits of proactivity, achievement motivation, change management, responsibility, commitment, and empowerment, among others.

With the development of your executives, your company will have a better human value that makes appropriate decisions for the achievement of the objectives set in the short, medium and long-term. Also, high-performing managers will develop strategies that maximize benefits with efficient resource management. If you require executive training in Kelowna, New Quest Coaching & Consulting has the best team of coaches so that you can develop your team to the fullest.

Benefits of Executive Training

  1. Provides objectives focused on the personal life, work and professional achievements of the trainee
  2. Develops the “Laser Focus,” necessary to obtain superior executives’ performance
  3. Improves the quality of life and professional development
  4. It is a valuable support for those talents that outstands. For them, improvement plans are designed to reach the maximum level.
  5. It provides useful tools to correct the unsatisfactory performance of executives. In those cases, trainers develop to improve their critical points
  6. The training refines the skills of both the current team and aspiring managers. Through continuous training, you will discover and empower the real superstars of your human talent

Requirements from the Trainee

The success of executive training does not depend only on the coaches and the consulting company. The trainees must also meet specific “requirements” that allow them to take advantage of this strategy really:

  • Commitment to the plan and benefits of training
  • Motivation and dedication
  • Orientation to achievement and results
  • The trainee must believe in the process and its benefits
  • Must be objective and honest, both to be able to self-evaluate, and to deliver good feedback regarding their trainers
  • They must have a desire to overcome their critical points and seek for the maximum performance
  • They must have a positive attitude, and be open to changes

Are You Ready to Take Your Team to the Top?

New Quest Coaching & Consulting offers the best executive training in Kelowna. Our expert coaches are ready for you to get the most out of your company’s human talent. The learning will not be based on mere theories: it will be practical, experiential and tailored to the reality of your company and its managers. Contact us and our experts will design a customized solution that allows you to drive your team and your company to the forefront of your industry.

Executive Training Kelowna
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