Leadership Coaching Kelowna

Leadership Coaching Kelowna

Every organization seeks to become something superior (the vision). Getting your business from where it is, to where you want it to be, implies that you set short, medium and long-term objectives. For the work team performs in a coordinated way to achieve that vision, they need someone to guide them: a leader.

Leadership is a set of skills that a person has to influence a group of individuals, and motivate them to fulfill a goal. Specific abilities give the leader that capacity for influence, such as the ability to generate relationships, to coordinate actions and create synergy for the achievement of objectives.

The significant advantage of leadership is that, because they are skills, the person can develop it. One of the best tactics to strengthen the current and potential leaders of your company is through coaching. This methodology focused on leadership consists of a process of personal development, aimed at promoting the achievement of individual objectives in the context of the values and goals of the organization.

Why Coaching and not Training?

It is obvious to think that because they are skills, with a simple training process, they can be developed. However, in the development of the business’ leaders, you must go further. The leader's work with the coach through a path of self-discovery. The goal is empowering each person, and boost their abilities. If you want to implement a plan of leadership coaching in Kelowna, New Quest experts are ready to take your leaders to the highest level.

Also, the leaders of the organizations usually manage certain confidential levels of sensitive information (they cannot share it with anyone). With the coach, arises a trusted environment. In this conditions, the coached can relieve those sensitive situations that affect them within the company. In joint work, the coach provides tools and tactics to the leader to solve these situations using their confidence, self-esteem, and skills.

Tools Developed in a Leadership Coaching

The coach develops a series of competencies focused on supporting the individual to their development, for the achievement of the personal, professional and business objectives:

  • Clarify Goals: The Coach teaches to determine the short, medium and long-term goals aimed at achieving the vision set

  • Identify Limitations: Allow the leader to decide objectively what their real limits are, and which ones are only mental. In the case of the mental, the coach provides tools to change these beliefs

  • Inquiry: It helps the leader to know the work team better, and to identify their strengths and limitations. With this knowledge, the leader can support the development of each member of the group

  • Observation: The coach provides tools for the leader to observe the scenarios of the organization from a broader perspective. In this way, they can quickly identify obstacles and opportunities, and make the appropriate decisions.

Let New Quest Raise Your Leaders to the Top

If you are looking for the best leadership coaching in Kelowna, you are in the right place. Through our vast experience, we will help you develop the talents that will lead your business. Contact us, and allow our experts to design a plan that exactly matches the achievement of your organization's objectives. You are only one step away from developing the leadership that puts your company on the edge of the industry.

Leadership Coaching Kelowna
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