Leadership Training Consultants Vancouver

Leadership Training Consultants Vancouver

At New Quest Coaching and Consulting, we are inspiring the leaders of tomorrow to be their best. We are leadership training consultants in Vancouver with years of experience, helping leaders to develop their potential and to develop the potential of their workforce.

Workplace Performance Categories

Leadership is about inspiring others to reach their maximum potential. In the workplace, just about all of us have more potential than we're presently using. Every workplace has three kinds of performers; there are top performers, middle performers, and low performers. About 20% of employees fall into the high performer category. About 70% of employees fall into the middle performer category, and about 10% of employees are low performers.

The Untapped Talent of Middle Performers

For the middle performers, too often, leaders have operated under the assumption that these folks are maxed out; that they are giving their all but will never reach top performer levels. Research has shown that roughly only 10% of all middle performers have achieved their full potential. Amazingly, the other 90% of middle performers are choosing (either consciously or sub-consciously) not to be high performers. They have much more potential than they presently use.

Defining what a High Performer is

Why are so many of employees in the workplace not tapping into their maximum potential? One reason is that they don't know exactly what it takes to become a high performer. Have you defined what it takes to become a high performer? With something like sales, it's easy to define what a high performer is. If a salesman/woman sells $x each year, he or she is a high performer. But most jobs aren't quite so clear. What about an engineer, a nurse, a programmer, a pharmacist, or a housekeeper? What criteria defines such employees as high performers?

Are Your High Performers Worn Out?

Look at it from your middle performers' perspective. When your middle performers look at your high performers, they see that the high performers are always getting called, always getting emailed; they seem stressed out, highly caffeinated, and worn out! When middle performers look at your high performers, they see people who are stressed, unhappy, and overworked. Because they are top performers, they are the ones you turn to for everything. In the eyes of the middle performer, the high performers have the worst jobs in your organization.

Tapping into the Middle Performer Talent Pool

Meanwhile, as we're killing off our top performers, we've got a whole talent pool of middle performers who don't think you have confidence in them and who think the high performer's job stinks! When a manager tells a middle performer, "I believe that you have potential that you haven't even begun tapping into; you are, in fact, a high performer waiting for the right opportunity...," performance of that middle performer typically increases 30%-150%.

New Quest Coaching and Consulting can help you tap into this vast talent pool of middle performers, turning them into high performers while giving your high performers the balance they need to be happy and to giving their best. Contact our leadership training consultants in Vancouver to learn more.

Leadership Training Consultants Vancouver
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