Our clients, large or small, for profit or non-profit, seek out our services to help them with human resource strategies, organizational change and development, strategic planning, employee engagement strategies, team building, executive and managerial coaching, facilitation and leadership/supervisor training and development.

Regardless of what services we provide, our work always has a positive impact on our client’s bottom line. In these economic times, we create value for our clients – value for their organization, their leaders, their people and their customers.

Leadership Development Through Coaching

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, our list of coaching clients continues to grow. Simply put, organizations cannot afford to have their leaders make key mistakes.

Coaching has always been an excellent opportunity for leaders when it comes to gaining insight around performance development and building success in the workplace. The added stress on leaders over the last year to do more with less, has led even more organizations to seek out New Quest Coaching & Consulting for a variety of customized coaching services.

New Quest Coaching & Consulting Deliverables

  • Leadership coaching to all levels of leadership that is aligned with bottom-line measurables.
  • Leadership skills in strategy, communication, decision-making, speaking and more.

Leadership Results

  • Overcoming leadership liabilities and fulfilling potential for great leadership.
  • Reducing turnover, cultivating teamwork and inspiring peak performance from their people.
  • Charting a decisive career path that is both fulfilling and sustainable.
  • Fully realizing their professional and personal goals.
  • Helping balance work, family and personal time – excelling in all areas.
  • Increasing engagement of their people.
  • Succession planning – creating a culture to support a multi-generational workforce.

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, our clients are many and varied and include: business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, fellow coaches and consultants, leaders, managers, board members, executives and teams.

96% of employers rate their coaching programs as being effective
- Conference Board of Canada

Team Building

Experience-Based Outdoor Team Building

Our commitment to our clients’ desire to build high functioning teams has lead us to collaborate with Azami Sports and begin offering team building in an incredible outdoor setting.

While we will continue to offer indoor team building to our clients, we are proud to be working with Azami Sports to also offer experiential outdoor-based team building.

Our outdoor team building activities are designed for any group size and comfort level with our goal to customize the experience as much as possible to meet our client’s objectives. Our focus is always to create a safe and fun event that is designed to get participants to step outside of their comfort zone and work with their fellow team members to successfully overcome the challenges and obstacles that we set up for them.

Just like our popular indoor team building workshops, participants will work with certified facilitators to ensure just the right mix of fun and enjoyment combined with powerful learning moments that can be used as soon as the team returns to the workplace.

The results of outdoor team building with New Quest Coaching & Consulting:

  • Fun, safe and active ways to learn more about your fellow team members.
  • Chances to develop greater trust, leading to greater productivity and reduced conflict.
  • Improving communication skills between team members.
  • Discovering the unique or hidden strengths that exist on the team and how they can be used to further improve performance.
  • Building individual and team confidence to be able to overcome any challenge.

To request more information about our outdoor team building events please Contact Us.

To learn more about our Azami Sports and their beautiful venue for team building events please see their website.

Training & Development Programs

Organizations that invest more in training not only increase profits and productivity, but see increases in customer satisfaction and employee morale.

New Quest Coaching & Consulting’s training and development workshops teach participants a wide variety of skills to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing workplace.

Our workshops and seminars can help your organization by:

  • Building high functioning teams.
  • Improving overall customer service and satisfaction.
  • Reducing conflict in your workplace.
  • Attracting, retaining and engaging top talent.
  • Developing individual accountability.
  • Improving business productivity.
  • Improving the attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and expectations of your leaders.

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, we are committed to developing valuable training content that inspires and engages participants. We are also committed to ensuring that the skills developed in the workshops will transfer seamlessly back into the workplace, positively impacting your organization’s bottom-line.

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, we take pride in our client relationships. We are a different type of consulting company that is committed to our clients’ unique needs and to provide them with customized training solutions.

Some of our most popular training seminars and workshops:

  • Frontline Supervisor Training
  • How to Create Behaviour Change in Your Employees
  • Worksafe BC Bully and Harassment Training
  • Creating a Culture of Coaching
  • Respectful Workplace Training
  • Cultural Training and Diversity Awareness
  • From Conflict to High Engagement
  • Communication for Leaders
  • Understanding the Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Building Great Teams

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something specific or if you are interested in working with us to develop your own training and development workshops.

Keynote Presentations

Are you looking for a great keynote presentation or workshop that is not only entertaining, inspiring and filled with energy and humour, but also speaks to the challenges and opportunities that exist for your organization in these dynamic and changing times?

Are your leaders or staff faced with increasing pressure and looking for ways to do more with less in these tough economic times?

Do you wonder what is going on with today’s young workforce and how at times it seems there is a huge disconnect between the different generations in your organization?

Consider having Shane Jensen or Sasja Nieukerk deliver an inspiring and engaging presentation to your organization or as panelists at your next conference.

Both Shane and Sasja are renowned for their dynamic presentations that motivate, inspire and tackle the challenges that today’s businesses, leaders and staff are facing. Shane and Sasja are in-demand presenters that have spoken to countless associations and organizations in both the private and public sectors. Their ability to understand and engage the young emerging workforce (Generation Y/Millennials) along with their experience in working with senior leaders and baby boomers make them perfect candidates to provide you with knowledge and solutions on how to engage your workforce.

Our most popular and inspiring keynotes:

Our relentless commitment to staying abreast of ever-changing workforce dynamics means that we are constantly updating and developing our keynotes to ensure they are fresh, relevant and unique.

Click here to read what previous participants have said about our keynotes.

Invite Shane and Sasja to speak at your organization. Contact us to learn more about our inspiring keynotes.

Here are some highlights:


Through our expert consultation process, New Quest Coaching & Consulting assists organizations in developing outstanding, personalized and sustainable human resource and organizational development strategies that provide a sense of ownership for those involved in the implementation.

New Quest Coaching & Consulting propels organizations to create extraordinary, collaborative team performances in a changing business environment by:

  • Working with the leadership team, strategically and collectively, to realize vision and goal achievement.
  • Developing tactical action plans to close the gaps and eliminate the barriers for achieving individual, team or organizational goals.
  • Introducing compelling human resource strategies.
  • Assessing or diagnosing group or team issues and facilitating new and existing team development.
  • Providing strategic planning support, facilitation and retreats.
  • Managing or creating an employee engagement survey program and ensuring the development and implementation of all aspects related to the survey; including collection of data, communication of results and action plan.
  • Supporting performance change objectives, which ensure the alignment of company vision, mission, values, success factors, culture and strategies; and which includes the design and development of structures and human resource programs.

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