Strategic Coaching Services Edmonton

Strategic Coaching Services Edmonton

In every organizational setting, the productivity, the demeanor (concerning motivation) and effectiveness of the employees are primarily tied to the type of leadership prevailing in that work environment. The reality is that different leadership styles fit different work environment as no ultimate Holy Grail style can be correctly reflected in every work setting.

It, therefore, becomes essential for the manager to know in what dimensions and to what magnitude his leadership style contributes to output – and how befitting it is for that environment. At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, we have been able to positively reconstruct the productivity of several workforces via our strategic coaching services in Edmonton by adjusting the leadership styles of employers to fit the charisma of their employees. Let us, therefore, examine some of the standard leadership styles out there in various organizational structures.

There is the free and democratic leadership manner

This is one of the best leadership styles you can practice. It is more accommodative, collective allowing for everyone both workers and managers to express and integrate their opinions. Employees have a particular liking for this democratic leadership manner because it gives them a sense of belonging as they can actively contribute to the formative process of critical decisions. However, the downside of this style is that it can be unduly diplomatic and time-consuming thereby reducing overall productivity. This is because it takes quite an effort as well as a reasonable chunk of time to resolve all diverse opinions into one.

There is the pacesetting leadership

Here the leader is energetically involved in the work process rather than aristocratically dishing out directives. Here the leader gets his hands dirty too doing the job and lifting the standard of productivity through his capable leadership. This style is inspiring as it motivates the employees to keep up with the pace of the industrious leader. The downside, however, is that all employees with different tolerance levels will not be able to keep up to speed with the pacesetting leader thereby creating divisions between the workforce.

There is also the Authoritative Leadership Style

The authoritative leadership just as it suggests is daring and “masculine.” You can alternatively see it as the no-nonsense leadership style. It is edgy and notably inflexible setting targets that employees must compulsorily attain or face deterrence. Authoritative leadership style can’t be effectively practiced over a whole organization thoroughly; it would rather work for selected organizational units.

The authoritative leadership style thrives more for example in departments like the sales team where clear sales objectives are nailed for the team to achieve irrespective of individual deficiencies. The downside of the authoritative leadership style is that the employers lack expressive representative, therefore, grooming an environment of fear which can significantly hamper morale.

Through our impeccable strategic coaching services in Edmonton, we at New Quest Coaching & Consulting have grown a reputation of infusing excellence into the leadership of many organizations while vastly improving the efficiency of their human resources. We will fortify your leadership as a business with the competitive skill it needs to survive and thrive in the modern business.

Strategic Coaching Services Edmonton
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