5 Important Leadership Characteristics of Great Supervisors

With our head office located in the heart of Kamloops, BC, New Quest Coaching & Consulting provides a wide range of leadership coaching, training and consulting services for teams and organizations of all sizes. At our core, we strive to provide our clients with an exceptional experience, where the results from the work they do with us have an immediate and positive impact on their staff, their clients and their bottom line. The key to organizational performance is providing leaders at all levels with the opportunity to continually develop their leadership skills.


At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, our leadership training and development programs and workshops will help set you and your organization ahead by helping you implement the following:


1.  Build high functioning teams.
2.  Improve your customer service.
3.  Reduce workplace conflict.
4.  Attract and retain talent.
5.  Ensure employees are held accountable.
6.  Improve productivity; and
7.  Improve the overall attitude and behaviour of your leaders.

To ensure these key learnings and behaviours are implemented in the workplace, it is important to identify what leadership traits to develop. We know supervisors play such a key role as they work closely with staff on the frontlines but also act as an important bridge to the more senior leaders in the organization.  

Here are five important leadership characteristics for supervisors:


While it may seem obvious, a good supervisor or leader should also have strong leadership skills. Leadership skills vary, but a supervisor should set an example to their staff by being confident, taking initiative, providing motivation and support and, of course, leading by example.


Supervisors and leaders should lead by example when it comes to communication. In that regard, strong communication is one of the most important assets a supervisor should have. Whether it is giving instructions, delivering information, running a meeting, or assigning projects, a good supervisor should be able to direct and communicate clearly and concisely. Strong leaders will also communicate in an approachable, professional, and confidential manner when employees come to discuss workplace matters.

Handling conflict

On the heels of communication is how supervisors handle workplace conflict. When supervisors handle conflict quickly, efficiently and fairly, it develops trust and a strong productive workplace based upon healthy working relationships — which inadvertently leads to better work performance from employees.

A good supervisor should be able to recognize workplace conflict, how and why it happens and have the skills to ensure a resolution that is agreeable to everyone.

Time management

A good leader should exhibit strong time management skills, which include prioritizing tasks for themselves, delegating work to others and following up on projects to ensure they are completed by agreed to timelines.

Supervisors with solid time management skills will set an example to their employees to do the same which is far more effective than the old “do as I say, not as I do” adage. Excellent time management skills will also enable a supervisor to oversee the company’s workload and to determine whether changes need to be made to ensure employees are not burning out or working longer than they should be.

Management skills

In addition to time management, a supervisor should have strong overall management skills, which include: scheduling, assigning tasks, planning, multi-tasking, decision making, problem-solving, delegating work and understanding the ins and outs of employees and their strengths and weaknesses are.

Having good management skills doesn’t mean micromanaging, however; you will want to trust your employees and empower them to get the necessary work done.

All five of these leadership characteristics require supervisors to be committed to looking for opportunities to learn and develop.  This is where New Quest Coaching & Consulting provides value to our clients. We are dedicated to developing valuable leadership training content that will easily transfer back into the workplace.

Our commitment to our clients means no matter what you are looking for, we will always work closely with you to customize our leadership training and development programs and services to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create a leadership training program that meets your specific needs.  


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