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The ability to adapt in an ever-changing workplace can dictate an organization’s success. That’s why ongoing skills training and development is a critical part of any business strategy. At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, our staff training and development workshops teach participants to be agile and to take an active role in driving success — for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Our staff training workshops can help your organization by:

  • Building high functioning teams
  • Improving overall customer service and satisfaction
  • Reducing conflict in your workplace
  • Attracting, retaining and engaging top talent
  • Developing individual accountability
  • Improving business productivity and profitability
  • Improving the attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and expectations of your leaders

New Quest is not your standard consulting company. We take pride in our client relationships and we understand that every organization has different needs. We’re committed to providing customized staff training solutions that fit your unique business goals, wherever and whenever you need it.

Staff training topics include: understanding workplace bullying and harassment, managing conflict, time management, goal setting, customer service, communication, and how employees can contribute to a positive workplace environment. Most workshops can be completed in a half- or one-day format.

Choose from our most popular staff training seminars and workshops below, or let us work with you to develop your own.


Communication is truly the Achilles’ Heel for employees, teams and leaders. To be heard clearly, staff need to be highly competent in the use of verbal and non-verbal techniques that deliver an accurate message. Miscommunication amongst staff can lead to a host of problems including increased conflicts, low morale, lower productivity and upset customers. We developed this training to give participants the opportunity to develop and enhance their communication skills using active listening techniques, strategies for how to receive and give effective feedback, and the use of nonverbal strategies to ensure a successful and high functioning workplace.


Changes to the WorkSafe BC regulations now require that all organizations must be committed to maintaining a safe, respectful and productive work environment, free from bullying and harassment. The key to creating a workplace free from discrimination, bullying or harassment is providing ongoing staff education and training in these areas.

New Quest Coaching & Consulting offers a variety of different training workshops for preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace. We offer a three-hour “team building” workshop where we focus on your organizations respectful workplace policy with a focus on the bullying and harassment section. We also provide quick, one-hour onsite training sessions or one-hour online interactive training. Regardless of what training works best for you, participants will:

  • Learn the correct definition of workplace bullying and harassment.
  • Be able to recognize workplace bullying and harassment when it occurs.
  • Be able to identify behaviours that do not constitute bullying and harassment.
  • Look at their own organization’s respectful workplace policy and be able to describe the duties of employers, supervisors, and workers, with respect to workplace bullying and harassment.
  • Know what to do if they see or experience workplace bullying and harassment.


This specific conflict training is one of our most popular workshops.

Everyone in the workplace knows about the elephant in the room. Yet, in most organizations, departments or teams, leaders and employees pretend the elephant isn’t there. Sound familiar? The elephant in the room — that obvious issue that remains ignored and unresolved — is one of the biggest causes of workplace conflict and ineffective teams/departments. It can create silos, cause stress to your staff, and can foster a culture of fear where employees are afraid to voice their concerns. The elephant is why some organizations experience disrespectful behaviour from staff and leaders alike, which ends up creating problems throughout the entire company.

This engaging, humorous and practical staff workshop is all about providing the necessary tools/skills for successfully hunting the elephant — that is, reducing conflict no matter where it exists in your organization, team or department. We create value for participants by giving them the necessary tools to reduce conflict, clear up miscommunications, resolve tension, create win-win scenarios and ensure each interaction is done in a respectful manner.

Research shows that, in most circumstances, when staff are equipped with fundamental communication techniques, it is easy to reduce conflict and create opportunities to have respectful communication, even in moments of frustration and tension. The key to successfully hunting the elephant and reducing conflict is to ensure that staff are having direct, objective and respectful conversations on a daily basis, both with their peers and across the organization.


The most important and valuable commodity is your time. If you have more time, then the goals that are fundamental to your success can become a confident and do-able reality. But to move from the myth of time management to the reality of effective time management, you need to take an honest look at how you organize and respond to the endless requests, to-do lists and goals that eat up your day.

This highly interactive and popular time management training gives participants powerful and practical tools to help them organize and effectively use their most valuable commodity: time.


When we ask our clients how important customer satisfaction is to growing their business, most tell us that it is fundamental to their success. However, when we start to look at changing demographics, increased competition and the advent of social media, we believe that ensuring a customer is “satisfied” is no longer enough. To truly reap the benefits of customer satisfaction (loyalty and advocacy), staff must commit to going beyond merely “satisfied.”

This customer service training workshop looks at how to develop loyal customers who are so emotionally engaged that they have an attachment beyond reason to the company’s brand. Your competition can copy product, price and process, but they can’t copy how your staff make your customers feel. The solution to developing loyal customers is to help your staff understand just how important their role is in the customer journey — and in turn, the success of the company. Our customer service training workshops can literally be what sets your business apart from your competitors.


As we are fond at saying at New Quest, the Achilles’ heel of any organization is communication. Miscommunication (or lack of communication) between employees, or between leaders and their staff, leads to conflict, lack of productivity, upset customers, lower moral and ongoing frustration.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) has helped millions of people worldwide gain insights about themselves and how they interact with each other and their clients to help them improve how they communicate, learn, and work. It provides a powerful communication framework for building better relationships, driving positive change, harnessing innovation and achieving excellence.

The Myers-Briggs assessment is the world’s most trusted personality assessment because it is:

  • Easy to grasp, insightful, and thought provoking.
  • Reliable and valid, backed by ongoing global research and development investment.
  • Backed by excellent support and guidance through New Quest Coaching & Consulting facilitators/coaches.

In this powerful MBTI workshop, participants will learn to recognize that everyone on their team has different preferences for how they take in and evaluate information. They will learn that effective communication means presenting different kinds of information in different ways, depending in who they’re interacting with. Participants will discover their own MBTI Type and learn how to use it as a powerful resource for addressing ongoing communication challenges and reducing conflict.

Looking for something specific, or interested in developing your own training and development workshops? Reach out to learn more about customized staff training programs.


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