Gold Seal Certified Training For Trades And Constructions Leadership Teams

Leaders recognize that their role is part craft, and part skill, both of which should continue to be honed no matter their career phase or position in life. New Quest Coaching and Consulting is a Kamloops-based firm offering Gold Seal Certified training programs in Western Canada. Here are a few of the benefits of a Gold Seal Certified Training Program:

New Quest is familiar with the Trade Skills

New Quest has is aware of the challenges experienced by leaders and chargehands in the trade skill and construction industries. The firm can create and implement customized leadership training that meets the Canadian Construction Association’s Heavy Civil & Construction Management standards. With this training comes an awareness toward multigenerational workforces with an emphasis on diverse labour markets and the retention of skilled labour. The old way of things, in which the construction industry adapted and supported a ‘my way or the highway’ leadership style, are gone, and New Quest will train construction leaders how to implement better strategies that lead to more effective workers.

The CCA (Canadian Construction Association)

The Canadian Construction Association supports developing policies, statements, documentation, education, and guidelines that advance the construction industry. The CCA also focuses on keeping the industry informed to help make better decisions for the industry.

Soft Skill Concentration

Chargehands, Construction Managers, and Project Managers have concerns that are designated as soft leadership skills, and will be issues commonly found at worksites. These issues, such as accountability, conflict, grievances, and productivity, are addressed in the Gold Seal Accredited Frontline Chargehand Leadership training course.

Likewise, Project Managers and Superintendents sometimes lack technical skills or job experience. What today’s labour force has told us is that the majority of problems stem from managing teams, building trust, coaching, communication and addressing performance/safety issues. Through New Quest Coaching and Consulting’s Gold Seal Training programs, upper construction management will implement skills typically learned by white-collar workers, and how to adapt them to job-site concerns.

Broad Scope

Given their extensive track record of near 100% customer satisfaction, it goes without saying that New Quest has a knowledge base so deep and well managed that they can adapt leadership courses to the needs of the audience. The Gold Seal standard is one that meets the professional expectations of excellence as established by the Canadian Construction Association. You can expect this level of attention to detail to be carried over into their training courses.

Further Training Development

New Quest is also in the business of training the trainer and has the capabilities to create a customized leadership training program for staff or front-line supervisors that will meet the stringent standards to help clients also become Gold Seal Certified.

Custom Tailored Programs

New Quest Coaching and Consulting are experts in delivering Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal standard training programs but is also capable of teaching seminars such as Cultural Training and Diversity Awareness, Communication for Leaders, Building Great Teams, and Leadership 101. To learn more about our custom training programs, train the trainer programs or our popular leadership seminars (some of which are now online!), check out our Services page. Otherwise, contact us today.


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