Learning Outcomes Of Bullying & Harassment Prevention Training

According to provincial regulations, all organizations must be committed to maintaining a safe, respectful and productive work environment, free from bullying and harassment. In order to help companies navigate these regulations, New Quest Coaching and Consulting provides bullying and harassment prevention training workshops, in addition to many other service offerings. We believe that the key to maintaining a safe, respectful, inclusive workplace is providing ongoing staff education and training in these areas.

What is bullying in the workplace?

By definition, according to WorkSafe BC, bullying occurs when someone acts in a way that he or she knows, or reasonably ought to know, will cause the victim to be humiliated or intimidated.

What does bullying and harassment look like?

While there is no comprehensive list of bullying and/or harassment behaviours, examples of workplace bullying behaviour include: harmful initiation practices, spreading malicious rumours, verbal aggression, derogatory name calling, etc.

What bullying and harassment is NOT

Every irritating or seemingly disrespectful behaviour within a workplace is not considered bullying. Reasonable actions of an employer or supervisor related to the management and direction of the workplace and/or workers is not bullying or harassment.

Being able to differentiate between what IS and IS NOT forms of bullying and harassment is one reason it is imperative your organization has a bullying and harassment policy in place. This way you will be better prepared to take steps to prevent, minimize and manage instances of bullying and harassment.

As workplace leaders, there are a few questions you must ask yourself in order to comply with regulations and lead a safe, respectful work space.

  • What does my company’s respectful workplace policy look like? If you do not have one in place, yet, you should make it a priority to create one.
  • What are my duties as an employee/employer/supervisor?
  • What do I do if I witness bullying or harassment in my workplace?
  • How can I support someone who feels they have been bullied or harassed?
  • How can I best differentiate between what can be considered bullying and what does not constitute bullying?

Answering those questions can seem complicated and timely, but we can help. New Quest Coaching and Consulting has a variety of helpful training workshops in place to help you prevent bullying and harassment in your work place. During a three-hour team building workshop we focus on your organization’s respectful workplace policy, focusing on the bullying and harassment section. Together we will go over correct and comprehensive definitions of workplace bullying and harassment, help you identify situations that need to be addressed as they happen and/or after the fact, help leaders describe individual duties in relation to workplace bullying and harassment, and more. Strong communication is paramount when building a successful company. New Quest will help set you on the right path and give you the skills and information to succeed.

All training and services are now available online as well. To learn more about all of the Staff Training we offer, visit our Staff Training page and reach out today.


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