5 Kelowna Team Building Activities

New Quest Coaching and Consulting provides top-rated leadership coaching and team building activities in Kelowna. At New Quest, we work with teams, leaders and their organizations to help them improve their profitability, productivity and staff satisfaction.

A Corporate team building outing can have numerous benefits for a business and its employees. They can be a good chance for new employees to assimilate into the team, develop relationships and strengthen their bonds with older colleagues.

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Team building activities improve a team’s overall performance by encouraging co-workers to get to know one another better and discover each other’s unique strengths and weaknesses. These outings can lead to an increase in team productivity by providing employees with a healthy opportunity to rest, relax and recharge their batteries.

These days, it is not uncommon for companies to find creative and practical solutions to building a cohesive high-performing team. As part of our leadership development and team building services, we can recommend the best local team building activities for you and your team. Here is a list of five great team building activities in Kelowna, British Columbia:

1. Golfing

Golf is an elegant sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. A Golf team building outing can have numerous benefits for your employees, management and in some cases remote workers. It is a good opportunity to build stronger relationships through the power of learning new skills together. Team building outings are a perfect chance to unwind in a casual environment away from the office.

Besides being an engaging game, golfing takes place in the beautiful natural vistas in the heart of British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. There are a wide variety of different Kelowna Golf Clubs and Courses all of which can accommodate group/corporate bookings.

Popular courses in Kelowna include the Black Mountain Golf Club, the Mission Creek Golf Club and the Tower Ranch Golf Club.

2. Hiking

Team building hiking trips are an excellent way to improve leadership skills, encourage trust and boost communication within your team. You can pack a lot into a high-impact team building morning or day out. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking trips in Kelowna; including many paved and dusty trails to choose from. There is even a wet hike at the Kelowna Paddle Trail.

Some of the most popular hiking trails in British Columbia are in Mount Boucherie Regional Park, or take your team to the Myra Canyon to experience the Kettle Valley Railway tressles.

3. Picnic in the Park

Picnics are a great time to boost company culture and foster relationships with good food and bright conversation. You can organize sporting activities for your employees to participate in and after they have worked up an appetite you can all sit down for a satisfying meal in the great outdoors. There is nothing quite like a team bonding picnic to lift everyone's spirits.

Some popular parks you might visit include Mission Creek Park or the downtown Kelowna City Park.

4. Escape Room

Corporate activities can be a fun day activity or an exciting evening out. In an escape room, you get the chance to solve puzzles, uncover secrets and escape the room before time runs out. Escape Rooms can help your team develop key skills such as collaboration, decision-making and problem-solving. They can be a good chance for teams to rehearse their response to challenging situations or an opportunity to have fun as they race to complete their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With more than one escape room company in Kelowna, you have options to choose from!

5. Games and Recreation (Axe Throwing)

Axe throwing is a fantastic team building activity that provides employees with some fun social time while shaping a positive team mentality. Team building doesn't need to be boring activities that employees feel coerced to attend. Instead, activities like Axe throwing can provide a refreshing environment to get to know your coworkers while engaging in a new and exciting hobby.

Some people find Axe throwing is ideal for stress relief and a little friendly competition, you can break into smaller groups and compete for the highest score.

Axe Monkeys in Kelowna is a highly recommended gaming and recreational space where you can learn to throw with a wide selection of specialty axes and throwing knives. They also accept group and corporate bookings

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