5 Team Building Activities In Calgary

At NewQuest Coaching & Consulting we are committed to providing you with the tools and resources you’ll need to build a high-functioning business. As part of the team-building services we offer at New Quest, we look at local group activities in Calgary, Alberta that will help build the connective relationships between you and your team.

According to Forbes, team building benefits include a range of perks like increased trust between team members and the ability to define and achieve shared goals.
Moreover, these group activities help your employees because they:
• Improve communication and problem-solving abilities
• Make employees feel valued
• Create new shared experiences that translate back to the office
• Build employees’ confidence and increase retention rates

Taking time away from office work by attending group activities will strengthen your business rather than hinder it. Employees can shake off the stress of the office and build valuable skills, all while making great memories and enjoying an activity in their city. This list of five team-building activities in Calgary should prepare you and your team for fun days coming forward.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Not everyone in your team will feel comfortable hanging off a rope secured in place by another colleague. But that is one of the reasons why rock climbing is a great and rewarding team-building opportunity. You and your team will discover that rock climbing fosters trust, communication and a shared sense of accomplishment.

The Calgary Climbing Centre has several branches across the city to choose from. They offer group climbing classes as well as specially curated corporate packages. The CCC even offers outdoor climbing options (weather permitting).

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Kayaking, canoeing, or any other paddling activity in the Calgary area, is a great setting for team building. You can get away from the city landscape with most nearby options, or take a leisurely tour of a lake in Banff National Park. Even if some members of your team have experience with kayaking, paddling with your colleagues will be an excellent opportunity for getting to know each other and having fun in a non-traditional setting. This is a chance for employees to feel the joy of exploring nature together in a truly unique way. There are a number of places to book group paddling in Calgary and Banff so you are spoilt for choice. For example, within Calgary, the Calgary Canoe Club offers daytime group lessons on the Glenmore Reservoir. In Banff, you might consider booking a whitewater rafting experience if your team is comfortable with that!

Visit Calgary Tower

Ascend the famous Calgary Tower for unbelievable 360-degree views of the surrounding landscapes. You can experience the city you live and work in; in a way you’ve never seen before. Groups of 15 or more are eligible for a group discount, and there is a glass observation deck for visitors to admire the sprawling vistas of the nearby Rocky Mountains. As you and your employees share some time exploring downtown Calgary, they can also indulge in panoramic views of this beautiful city.

Laser Tag

Competitive Laser Tag is a unique and innovative way to foster fun and teamwork among your colleagues. Taking part in friendly competitive fun can improve leadership, vital decision-making abilities, and overall effective adaptability to situations. Tactical Laser Tag Classified in Calgary offers a number of team-building activities for corporate groups looking for a diverse laser tag experience. Their facilities include a two-storey battle arena complete with realistic props and gear. Most venues will provide all the laser tag equipment you may need, for maximum comfort, it is recommended you wear light and comfortable clothing.

And if your team wants a little more intensity than laser tag, you might consider looking instead at a day of paintball games at Bragg Creek Paintball.

Axe Throwing

If you’re looking for a fun way to unwind with team members while building a new unexpected skill, then look no further than a group axe-throwing session.

Most facilities can accommodate teams of anywhere from 2-135 people making it an ideal activity for corporate gatherings. Some places like the Axe Throwing branch in Calgary even host a licensed bar so you can sip and snack between turns. During your time, the staff will provide you all with the proper training and instruction that will have you throwing like a professional in no time.

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