Characteristics Of A High Performance Team

High Performance teams meet their deadlines, work cohesively and communicate effectively; they represent the best of your business and are at the forefront of progress and innovation. But why do some teams struggle to work together while others are consistently hitting their targets? What makes a team high performance? Let’s examine this…

High performance teams are composed of specialized individuals with complementary skills who use interpersonal skills (“soft skills”) effectively to meet and surpass expectations.

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Why are high performing teams important for your business?

Businesses benefit from high performing teams.

Having a cohesive unit of well performing individuals means a lower turnover rate, better quality work and higher customer and employee satisfaction. Increased efficiency means lower costs which is great news for your business and better news for your clients.
A recent study by Gallup found that Teams who rank highly for connectedness see 41% less absenteeism, 59% less employee turnover, and a 66% increase in employee wellness.
Stats source: https://blog.bit.ai/collaboration-statistics/

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Characteristics of a High Performing Team

Clear and Concise Communication

Communication is essential to the performance of a high performing team. The best teams know how to communicate ideas effectively and efficiently. They know how to operate different channels of communication to provide updates, context, share information and keep each other informed.

Trust and Respect

A high performing team is based on mutual trust and genuine respect. Without these two characteristics it is difficult for a group of people to work together. Highly ranked teams trust each other to perform their tasks while respecting one another. With proper cohesion team members can properly cooperate, coordinate and support each other within their work.

How is your team doing? If you want help or a refresher for your team, check out our staff Training Workshop Services.

Clearly Defined Mission and Goals

High Performing Teams need goals to aspire to. Objectives and missions can improve productivity, profitability and efficiency by utilizing milestones, targets and goals. Clearly defined goals and achievements can help by driving team energy then subsequently rewarding completed goals with emotional satisfaction and an increase in team morale.

Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Every member brings something to a high performing team. With defined roles and specialties, everyone is encouraged to appreciate the contribution a team member makes. The best managers know how to utilise unique experiences, perspectives and skill sets to bolster the company and build strong teams.

The benefits to having a high performing team far outweigh the downfalls. The best teams perform cohesively at greater efficiency, which improves overall productivity and profitability.

Understanding the characteristics of a high performing team is essential for any business manager, by helping your team work together you can foster an environment which empowers your employees to collaborate, innovate and reach their full potential as a team.


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