Five Team Building Activities In Victoria

Team Building activities are vital for developing meaningful connections within your team. These activities are a great opportunity to develop your cohesiveness as a unit. The value of a high-functioning team cannot be understated. All businesses no matter if they are large, small, for-profit or nonprofit can benefit from the value of good team building.

At NewQuest, we believe that effective team building should involve great experiences that your coworkers enjoy. We know that happy employees positively impact your profitability, productivity and overall satisfaction.

There are plenty of fun, effective, and memorable team-building activities available in Victoria, BC. At New Quest, as part of our services we look at team-building activities for your team and here are Five in Victoria that we recommend:

Scavenger Hunts

Well-coordinated scavenger hunts can bring out the best in your team members. This activity is all about your problem-solving, communication and leadership skills.

Victoria Operation City Quest provides experiences that require very little effort on your part. You only need a team and a mobile phone with an internet connection to participate. Plus, there are plenty of flexible Scavenger Hunt options to choose from in Victoria.

Escape Rooms, Trivia, and Games

Escape rooms can help build key interpersonal and professional skills within your team. The scenarios can promote collaboration, communication and quick decision-making. Escape rooms can involve teams of 2 people or more and some venues can accommodate up to 60 players.

Victoria Escape Games is open 24/7 and offers 100% unique hand-crafted escape scenarios based in Victoria. Murder Mysteries are a great way to have fun outside of the workplace while adding a dramatic flare to your corporate team-building activities. Out of Our Heads, Productions offers a hilarious cast of characters and an interactive show that can be customized to your group.

Quest Reality Games is based in Victoria and is an outdoor escape game that offers highly customizable activities. They can cater for corporate events and offer unique AR fun for groups of three or more.

You can learn more about our team-building services and contact us to get started today!

Outdoor Fun

Outdoor team-building activities can include games, events and exercises for your colleagues to participate in together. They continue to be a popular option as managers choose to enjoy some fresh air, a little sunshine and vitamin D while building camaraderie amongst employees.

There are several hiking trails you can choose to explore in Victoria such as the Thetis Lake trail, a moderately challenging route which is popular with dogs and bird watchers. Or the Mount Doug Hiking trails which are only 25 minutes outside of downtown Victoria and offer a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

Philanthropic Activities

Team Building is a great opportunity to give back to your local community with some impactful group volunteer work. These activities promote a strong sense of corporate responsibility and foster interpersonal connections within your team as you work together for a good cause. Some philanthropic team building activities can challenge your employees to apply skills that they don’t typically use during their daily work.

In a School Supply Scramble, the participants compete in challenges to earn school supplies and backpacks for local charities. It is an energetic indoor activity that is a great way to have fun while giving to local children in need. Another effective team building activity is a Random Acts of Kindness tournament where teams race against each other to perform good deeds in the local area.

Culinary Team Building

Corporate cooking classes encourage your team to think outside the box and do things in a way they wouldn’t usually. It is a great opportunity to interact with your coworkers, add some flavour to your team building and create delicious food.

The Paint Box in Victoria offers many different painting team-building parties for groups of up to 10 people. Good For You Gourmet hosts group workshops and cooking lessons for corporate activities. Plus they also offer different dietary options depending on what you’d prefer.

If you’re looking for more activities in Victoria, or a seminar about team building, you can learn more about our team-building services here and contact us to get started today!


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