How To Build Your High-performance Team

Businesses that focus on building high-performing teams reap significant rewards and returns on their investments. At New Quest Coaching and Consulting, our staff training and development workshops teach participants to be agile and take a proactive role in driving success. Not just for themselves but for their teams and subsequently their organizations.

Our training topics include managing conflict, goal setting, communication, contributing to a positive workplace, and much more. Visit our Staff Training page for more information on our most popular staff training seminars and workshops.

What is a high-performance team?

High-performing teams work cohesively, communicate effectively and meet their deadlines. These teams endeavour to collaborate, innovate and produce great work at the highest levels. They represent the best of your organization and are at the forefront of progress.

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Tips for building a High-Performance Team:

Building a high-performing team can be quite the task. Luckily we have compiled this list of tips to help you build a great team.

Choose the Right People

It is vital to have members that are ready and willing to work together. They are aware of and recognize each other’s expertise and how their skills contribute to the team. This mutual respect between team members helps create opportunities for capacity whilst increasing efficiency and productivity.

Choose the Correct Team Size

Too many conflicting ideas, working styles, and clashing personalities can prove to be detrimental to your team. As a manager, you need to ensure you have the right amount of people working in a department. If there are too many people you risk a number of problems with the team, including:

• Weaker members may fall behind
• Quieter voices aren’t heard
• Members begin to slack whilst others face burnout

If there are too few people in the team, you risk overworked and dissatisfied employees.

Follow SMART Goals

Setting measurable and effective goals with clear intent is critical to building a high-performance team. The best teams have milestones, objectives, and missions to aspire to. They always know what they are doing and what the team is working towards. High-performing teams know how to utilize goals to drive team performance to increase profitability and productivity.

Encourage Clear, Concise Communication and Collaboration

Communication is vital for any workplace, especially for a high-performing team. The most successful teams share their thoughts openly but are professional in how they communicate. A high-performing team knows how to share ideas precisely and efficiently to provide updates, share information and keep each other informed.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of proper cooperation; without it, any team will struggle to perform well.

Address Conflict ASAP

When people come together to work in a high-energy environment this can sometimes lead to disagreements. If left unchecked, these smaller issues can become bigger problems further down the line. In this case, it is best to address conflict the moment it arises. The highest-ranking teams have forums where matters can be discussed openly with proper mediation so that conflict doesn't get in the way of work.

Our carefully curated staff training workshops will cover topics like this and more.

At NewQuest we can empower you with the tools you need to build a high-performing team. With these helpful tips in mind, you can create an environment that encourages your team to work hard and reach their full potential.

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