Outdoor Team Building Activities: The Seed That Grew Into New Quest Coaching & Consulting

Outdoor Team Building Activities: The Seed That Grew into New Quest Coaching & Consulting,

The driving force of your company is the strength of your team. It’s often as simple as that. Your team’s relationships, communication skills, and courage to work well together in varied settings may make or break a company’s ability to succeed.

At New Quest Coaching & Consulting, we understand the importance of a team and the value of high-quality team building activities. How did we learn this? Well, we’ll have to tell you the story of how the company started! Shane Jensen, the founder of the company, is often asked where he came up with the idea for the firm. He never anticipated that he would one day be involved in a busy consulting firm, working with clients throughout North America. One simple conversation about team building became the seed that would eventually grow into New Quest Coaching & Consulting.

The genesis for New Quest came about when Shane was in his late twenties, working to become a Certified Mountain Guide in the mountains of Western Canada. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Shane had decided to follow his passion for the outdoors by pursuing a career in Mountain Guiding.

While guiding a client on a mountain adventure, the client mentioned to Shane that they thought there would be tremendous value in bringing their executive team into the backcountry to do some team building activities together.

“Team building” was something that Shane had never considered doing for clients who were looking for adventures in the mountains. Shortly after the trip, Shane reached out to a friend who was an executive performance coach to map out what team building activities could look like in an outdoor setting. One might call this the classic moment where a great idea is drawn up on the back of a napkin!

In that one simple conversation about team building activities, the idea for New Quest Coaching & Consulting was born. A year later, Shane returned to graduate school while guiding part time. Fast-forward twenty-two years later, Shane and the team at New Quest are still going strong, having grown and evolved into a full service consulting firm for clients throughout North America.

Today, New Quest Coaching & Consulting continues to work with clients — providing human resource strategies, organizational change and development, strategic planning, employee engagement and retention strategies, executive and leadership coaching, facilitation work, leadership and staff development programs — and they still continue to provide team building activities, both indoors and outdoors!

Interested in team building activities for your business? Check out our Team Building page then get started by contacting us today for a consultation!


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