Characteristics of a High Performance Team

By helping your team work together you can foster an environment which empowers your employees to collaborate, innovate, and reach their full potential as a team

Outdoor Team Building Activities: The Seed That Grew into New Quest Coaching & Consulting,

Outdoor Team Building Activities: The Seed That Grew into New Quest Coaching & Consulting

Read about how our company got started as a response to questions about team building activities. Then, consider meeting with our leadership consultant experts today!

How To Build Your High-Performance Team

Building a high-performing team can be quite the task. Let us help you out.

5 Delegation Tips for Leaders and Managers

New Quest Coaching and Consulting can help your team meet high priority goals by redistributing tasks and sharing responsibilities. Here are a few tips for doing that well!

Gold Seal Certified Training for Trades and Constructions Leadership Teams

Hire New Quest Coaching and Consulting for your next leadership training. Whether you need a trainer or need help to implement your own Gold Seal Certified training program, we can help!

Learn Valuable Soft Skills with Leadership Training

What are soft skills and how do they help you in a work environment? Let New Quest Coaching and Consulting explain the basics, then check out our Leadership Training and Development offerings!

Learning Outcomes of Bullying & Harassment Prevention Training

New Quest Coaching and Consulting leads bullying and harassment training for businesses throughout Western Canada and the Northwest USA. Check out our in-person or online services!

Elements of an Effective Meeting

Need help running effective meetings? Read about 7 helpful elements of an effective meeting, then let our leadership coaching team help you put them into practice!

How Virtual Leadership is Different than Face-to-Face Leadership

If you're flummoxed about how to supervise employees in different time zones, keep communication lines open with no face-to-face leadership, help remote workers feel like a team, and more, then consider New Quest Coaching and Consulting to help train...

Tips for New Employees at their New Job

Be approachable, stay positive, and open up. Read about these and more tips for new employees from New Quest Coaching and Consulting!

Tips for Understanding Your Customers

Do you need a better idea of what your customers want? Let New Quest Coaching and Consulting help you understand them better.

Five Onboarding Tips for New Hires

Here are some team building tips for making your new hires feel welcome in your company. Push paperwork aside for a moment and help them feel like part of a team.

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